Why MoringapleX?

Recently discovered, after being around for centuries, this oil is a unique nourishment source for hair and skin. All MoringapleX products have a proprietary blend of ingredients that provide the essential nutrients to maintain healthy looking hair, scalp and skin.


All our shampoos, conditioners and styling aids are rich in vitamins, proteins and antioxidants with a fragrance derived from the natural fusion of Moringa and Bamboo trees.

Our mission is to create value for MoringapleX customers with planet friendly products using state-of-the-art formulas that deliver easier, faster, longer-lasting style and performance.

  • Parabens Free

  • Sulphate Free

  • Gluten Free

  • Sodium Chloride Free


Rich in vitamins and proteins, this unique breakthrough styling aid helps to add volume, shine and more!

Shampoo & Body Wash

A daily cleanser suitable for
all hair and skin types.
Gently hydrates and
improves manageability

Hydrating Conditioner 

A rich conditioning cream suitable for all hair and skin types with detangling and
moisturizing properties

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