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Moringa Tree

‘Moringa’, often called, ‘The Miracle Tree’ is considered one of the most nutritional plants on Earth

The wise advise “begin with the end in mind.” So we did. 


Moringa is commonly known as “The Giving Tree” due to its capacity to change lives. Our goal is to help bring access to this source of goodness in some of the most impoverished countries of the world.  


Every 12 seconds, somewhere in the world, a child loses its life due to contaminated water. Moringa seeds are now extensively used to purify water and save lives.


We are contributing an ongoing portion of net proceeds to non-profit organizations such as the highly acclaimed Florida-based E.C.H.O. that has used Moringa trees to help achieve improved nutrition worldwide. For More information on E.C.H.O 


Our breakthrough MoringapleX formula, utilizes Moringa as an active ingredient, rich with vitamins and proteins, as well as its fragrance derived directly from Moringa and Bamboo to help create healthy looking hair. 

These amazing new products, created for all hair types, will leave your hair much easier and quicker to style. 

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